Winter is really coming

And there it is, the end of the festival season. It caught us by surprise just like the cold winds, promising autumn. We’ve got one more outdoor show to go, before we take a little ‘Let’s write some new tunes’ break.

We’ll be back in november, though! It starts on november 10th, with the Dutch leg of the Vans Warped Tour. From there we kickstart the final German and Dutch shows of this amazing tour, we were on for more than a year. Be sure to say ‘Hi’ and dance a little.

Final ‘Bright Companions’ Tour Dates
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We play at Lowlands 2013!!

Dirt & Stones Music Video

Spring has begun! With the sunshine comes a new single. And we’re very proud to show you the epic music video of Dirt & Stones.

It took a lot of mud and some beers, but the result is here now. Richard’s back yard never looked so good, with 40 people giving everything to make the most epic video this far! Please judge for yourself.
Take a look at the Music Video here
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Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2013: We’re speechless

We’re back in hometown Utrecht and still can’t really discribe what happened last weekend, so we let other people do the talking. Hopefully they can give you an idea of what went on. Thanks to everybody who showed up and made this weekend a legendary one.

3voor12 gave us a 9 out of 10 :
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The ghost of Christmas past

Although hardly anyone here in Holland can claim it’s that “most wonderful time of the
year” with ill news reports on almost everything, end-of-the-world predictions by a few
ancient Indians and an endless Dutch rain, we’re still feeling sentimental.

Looking back on 2012 we’ve come to the conclusion that this has definitely been the
best year of our musical lives. Starting in a small pub in Groningen and now ending
at very other side of The Netherlands in Landgraaf tomorrow. In between some crazy
dreams have come true, teaming up with Redfield Records, Rock n’ Roll Highschool,
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Swing when you’re winning

We must say, things have been going well for us. We’re right in the middle of the Bright
Companions Release Tour, driving through The Netherlands and crossing the border to
Germany every weekend to play shows. Since the last update some major things have
disappeared from our ‘todo-list’. We’ve played the sacred Paradiso, pulled a few jokes
during our stay in a 4-star hotel and got booked for next years Eurosonic-Noorderslag
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Nature life vs. Touring bus

You might have noticed that we’ve been playing a fair amount of shows in the last few months. For some reason the club shows keep getting bigger, while the pub shows keep getting smaller. Last Saturday, for example, we played in Rock Café ‘T Kooltuintje in Alkmaar. With 3 square meters to move we were forced to stay in our positions through the entire gig or hurt the audience instead. It ended up somewhere in the middle.

With another 20-somewhat shows to go this year we’re exploring the outback of Holland. From playing on national television (man, were we nervous!) to playing in a loaded pub (cap. 30 people) everywhere we go we see people showing up to have good time! And that’s just AWESOME.

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It’s all about attention

We’ve been coming out of the printer a lot, lately. A load of reviews about ‘Bright Companions’ got published online and on print. It’s crazy to realize that so many people took the effort of listening and writing about our latest album. It’s makes us feel great!

We’re working on a little archive right now, just so we can read about ourselves everywhere we go! :) Off course we like to share it with you. For starters, a couple of really nice interviews we did with OOR Magazine, Fuze Magazine (DE) and Rock Tribune (BE).

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Get up, Gear up, Fall in!

Long after the crowd was gone, the sounds had died and party was said to be over, we were still buzzing with excitement. The release show for Bright Companions at Tivoli de Helling was a killer show! To see so many of our friends and fans go wild to the songs we played is just awesome. We were glad to see some proper crowdsurfing and stagediving going on. Thanks to all the people from Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Groningen, Vlaardingen and beyond for being there!

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Oh the joy! Bright Companions is out today!

Today is September 14th, year 2012.
Today is a joyous day.

After two years of working we cannot believe that it’s finally out. We’re super
proud to finally present our new album Bright Companions to you. Those of you
who have followed our adventures and struggles for the last two years know that
it’s been a hell of a ride for the five of us in getting everything done.

But now it’s there and you can order it now in our little Shop.
It comes in both cd and lp format (incl. cd) so take a look.

Of course when you release an album it’s always exciting to see what the people
think of it, but the last few weeks both journalists and listeners have been really
cool to us. Below are some great reviews we got about Bright Companions.

OOR Magazine (NL)
“Bright Companions is the best loud album from the Netherlands in the last few years.”
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Tour Dates 2012: It’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll autumn

It’s september and we’re just getting started! In two weeks we’ll celebrate the release of ‘Bright Companions’, at Tivoli De Helling. It doesn’t stop there, though. In the coming months we’ll be touring in Holland and Germany.

With so many shows you need a Tour Poster, right? Here it is. You can check all the dates on our Show Page. We’d be honored is you would join us on one of these dates. Want to celebrate the release of ‘Bright Companions’ with us? Feel free and get your tickets on the TIVOLI PAGE

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New single Featherless Redheads

YES! Again we are super proud to release our 2nd single called “Featherless Redheads”! Along with it we made a music video. And you know what? Let’s do some extreme sharing like we did with the first single Romans. Cause the world has to know about this new song!

Here you can read the interview with 3VOOR12 who premiered “Featherless Redheads” this afternoon.

SB Album is #1 on’s MP3 albums! Thanks to all of our loyal fans who have purchased our record. Cheers and have a great weekend!

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